Berlin based DJ and producer Hobo
recently released his Daydream EP. Listen and grab your copy.

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I’ve always tried to write music that reminds me of
those first times I set foot in a club.
Here are those attempts.


“It was cold outside. Cold, wet and it had been dark for hours. I should have gone to bed but I had recently gotten my driver’s license. Overnight my world had more than tripled in size. So I began to explore it at all hours, day or night. It was cold at first–but I had found someplace to keep warm. A deep thumping noise led me there. It got louder and louder and became more and more clear as I approached it. Everything became more clear. I wasn’t just finding shelter from the cold, it was more than that. It was a dark club in Detroit that would fill my head with dreams and plans and give me something to work towards for many years to come. I was only 16 then. All I wanted to do was to be a part of what I saw in that club, and to do what I saw the people there doing. Making and playing music, week in week out. Since those early days in Detroit, at the Shelter, I’ve spent all the time I could trying to write music that takes me back to that first Saturday night at the Shelter. And I’ve been lucky enough to give most of my time to that pursuit. That’s really all you have to know. But I suppose there’s a little more to it now. If I can ever give some other 16 year-old somewhere in the world that same sort of inspiration, then I’ll be happy.”