“You don’t know it yet, but the events that brought you to this moment, reading this text, happened twenty years ago. The very first moment that set in motion the events that brought you here happened in 1996. I was in elementary school. Grade 6 to be exact. My life’s purpose at the time was to go to school, come home and waste away hours on a computer, digging through a pretty nascent internet, chatting with people from every country you can think of. I never once imagined that I would ever go to any of  those countries. I might as well have been attached to a modem myself. The familiar dial up tones echoed through my memory all day long. I practically dreamed in 1’s and 0’s. If had to do with computers, I had to have it. It was this technolust that prompted a friend to hand me one of his dad’s CDs. ‘It sounds like robots’ he’d tell me, not knowing that I was already sold when I saw the cover–a Hazeltine terminal with four faces on it set on an awful yellow background. It was clearly from the past, but what that CD was about to give me was so much more than just music. It was the future. My future. I couldn’t believe that the music I heard was at that point already 15 years old. I was in shock. I opened a door to a new world that day. A world I still haven’t left to this day. Kraftwerk’s Computer World was just the beginning. It turned out that same friend had audio cassettes full of a radio show from nearby Detroit. Tapes became my currency. I wasn’t attached to a modem as often anymore. I needed RCA connectors now. It wasn’t long until I was spending the early hours of the morning in my parents car, listening to live broadcasts from Detroit’s WDET FM, hearing the word Techno for the very first time. Growing up in Southwestern Ontario, most of our media came from Detroit already. TV, news, weather, whatever, the city had always populated the alleys of my mind but I had never seen it as more than just the home of the Red Wings, the Tigers and Boblo Island. Finally I saw. It was where I wanted to be, it was the future, the city on the edge of forever. I was 12 years old, sitting in my parents’ car. I had four years yet to consume all that I could this thing they call techno. I wanted to hear it all, know every name and start playing around with music machines myself. But at 12 years old, sitting in my parents’ car, it was still just a dream. Vapour coming across on the airwaves. I had to go there. Give a goodbye kiss to my old life and be a part of something bigger.
It was cold outside. Cold, wet and it had been dark for hours. I should have gone to bed but I had recently gotten my driver’s license. Overnight my world had more than tripled in size. So I began to explore it at all hours of the day and night. It was cold at first–but I had found someplace to keep warm. A deep thumping noise led me there. It got louder and louder and became more and more clear as I approached it. Everything became more clear. I wasn’t just finding shelter from the cold, it was more than that. It was a dark club in Detroit that would fill my head with dreams and plans and give me something to work towards for many years to come. I was only 16 then. All I wanted to do was to be a part of what I saw in that club. And to do what I saw the people there doing. Making and playing music, week in week out. Since those early days at the Shelter, in Detroit, I’ve spent all the time I could trying to write music that takes me back to that first night. And I’ve been lucky enough to give most of my time to that pursuit. That’s really all you have to know. But I suppose there’s a little more to in now. If I can ever give some other 16 year-old somewhere in the world that same sort of inspiration, then I’ll be happy.”


2016          DAYDREAM


2016          OBEY


2016          MYRIAD


2016          PEEKABOO


2015          X VOL. 1


2014          FOUR TO THE FLOOR 3


2013          MIND GAMES


2013          MINMAX


2012          ENTER.GROOVES


2012          IRON TRIANGLE


2010          BERLIN BOOTY


2009         TRACKZ




2008         FROM A TO B